The Terra Hope project runs on Saturday afternoons, 3pm-6pm, with the MINDSville@Napiri Hostel Wing.

Our residents are adults whose intellectual disability doesn't stop them from finding employment or from contributing to the society - or from bringing plenty of joy and their special brand of wonder into our lives weekly.

Our activities consist of a variety of art & craft, life skill training, sports, dance, music, and the occasional excursion or camp. And many high-fives and handshakes!

Our volunteers are a fun loving group from all walks of life. We've combined forces with the National University of Singapore Community Service Club to achieve our common goal - to enrich the lives of persons with intellectual disability through social activities and independent skills training.

We warmly welcome you to spend your Saturday afternoon with us. Simply:
  • Drop us an email at, or
  • Sign up at the link above to join our volunteer database so you'll be kept informed by our mailers.
Terra Hope is a subsidiary of the MYG group, which is a voluntary wing of the Movement of the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

See you there!

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