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On Terra Hope

An organisational map showing who comes from where at MINDSville@Napiri

Terra Hope project (TH) is a project under MINDS MYG. We work hand in hand with the National University of Singapore's Community Service Club (NUS CSC), and aim primarily tobe an established subsidiary under MINDS MYG and help residents develop their fullest potential and lead independent, healthy & fulfilling lives, in harmony with different age groups, as a united family.

Every Saturday, we conduct projects at MINDSville@Napiri. These projects usually being with Fun Fit 1 (Arts & Crafts), then moves on to our Tea Break, and finally finishes off with Fun Fit 2 (normally some form of exercise or games). We sometimes have events that occur out of the premises, so be sure to let us know when you'll be down!

We try to drive our activities while always keeping in mind the following mission:
  • To establish a platform for developing residents' skills and abilities. 
  • To be a supporting role to Mindsville - integrating residents back to mainstream society. 
  • To form a support group for both residents and their families. 
  • To become an avenue for residents to interact and socialise with volunteers through participation in various activities.

Mindsville@Napiri is a multi-service centre managed by MINDS, and provides specialised residential care and service for persons with intellectual disability (PWIDs) 6 years and above. Besides a daily routine that aims to improve the basic living skills of the residents, various programs and therapy are also run to enhance the residents' mental and physical well being.

The services at MINDSville@Napiri include:
  1. Home: Residents with multiple disabilities who are unable to care for themselves.
  2. Hostel/Group Home: Residents aged 18 and above with low support needs. The group home seeks to train adults with potential to live and work independently in a community setting. We volunteer with this department of the home.
  3. Children's Wing: Residents from the age of 6 to 18 years old. 

MINDS MYG was established in 1972 and is the subsidiary volunteer wing of MINDS. Its direct services comprise eight project groups which provide weekly 3-hour sessions for almost 200 beneficiaries on Saturdays or Sundays.

MINDS MYG strives to be a forward-looking volunteer programme that aspires to achieve social integration for persons with intellectual disability. 

What's MINDS?
The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), established in 1962 (originally named the Singapore Association for Retarded Children) has the basic vision of being a world-class voluntary welfare organisation that advances the development, well-being and aspirations of persons with intellectual disability and their integration into society.

On volunteering with us

Simple respect and patience wouldn't fail you here at MINDSville@Napiri. Here are some general do's and don't's you should observe while volunteering with us. 

Most importantly, DO NOT hesitate to approach any senior volunteers if you are unsure about anything at all.

  1. Give our residents a chance to handle tasks as independently as they can.
  2. Speak in short and simple sentences.
  3. Engage our residents with high-fives and handshakes.
  4. Use your imagination to tailor tasks to the unique ability of each resident.
  5. Correct bad behaviour wherever possible.
  6. Set a good example.
  7. Be encouraging and understanding.
  1. Share any pictures you take at MINDSville without prior permission. This is to protect the privacy of our residents.
  2. Make promises or give presents.
  3. Make body contact beyond residents' hands/arms and perhaps the odd shoulder tap.
  4. Make body contact with persons of the opposite gender.
  5. Reveal personal details.
  6. Lend residents personal items to play with.

Of course! We welcome anyone who is willing to share their time with us, with an open heart and mind. 
Of course you can! We do not take attendance (unless of course you need CIP hours or are part of a CCA), and even if you can't make it down regularly you are always welcome, whether it's been a month or a year since you'd last come by.

On our residents

Our residents' records are strictly confidential, but the causes for their intellectual disability range from Down's Syndrome, to autism, to fevers when they were younger.

Our residents' IQ scores range from 30 to 70. In addition to this, some of our residents might be suffering from mental illness, or may have problems moving around. However, they are all perfectly capable of taking care of their basic needs such as using the toilet, bathing, brushing their teeth. 

You'll realise that our residents each have their own strengths - some are fantastic with the soccer ball, some are great with handicrafts, and others make thoughtful conversationalists. Almost all of them are sure to outlast you on the dance floor! 

Where do the MINDSville Hostel residents work?
Most of our residents work at the MINDS Headquarters, packing headsets, while some work at Macdonalds.